Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil


Groundnut Oil is mostly used for cooking vegetables in South India. Thanjai Organic Provides you the fresh Wood Pressed Groundnut oil in Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India.

  • 500 ML
  • 1 Litre

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Cold Pressed (Wood Pressed) Groundnut oil is manufactured by the old traditional method by using wooden chekku


Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil Benefits

Ground nut oil is the Source of unsaturated Fats.
Benefits of Ground Nut oil is helps to prevents from risk of Heart Disease.
Wood pressed Groundnut oil helps to lowers Level of bad Cholesterol.
Ground nut oil / Peanut oil have more benefits for diabetes.
Wood pressed Ground nut oil increase the level of insulin then it helps to maintaining the blood sugar Level.
Ground nut oil contains Fatty acids, it helps to restore the Damaged hair.
Ground nut oil helps to improve the growth of hair.
Intake of cold pressed groundnut oil helps to reduce the risk of joint inflammation.
Maracheckku kadalai ennai helps to Prevent from Arthritis.
Wood pressed Ground nut oil helps to Prevent from Cancer.
Cold pressed ground nut oil contain Vitamin E, It helps to Restores the natural Color of lips and makes soft and supple.
Wood pressed Groundnut oil improves the Circulation of Blood.
Intake of Wood pressed ground nut oil regularly, helps to provide healthy skin and prevent from Wrinkles, premature aging.

Wood Pressed Groundnut oil / Peanut Oil Available in
Thanjai Organics offering marachekku Groundnut Oil in Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India.
Thanjai Organics Pressed Ground nut Oil available in USA (Shipping To -USA, Canada, Australia,Singapore, UAE and Other Countries.)

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Weight 1000 kg
  • 500 ML
  • 1 Litre


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