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Kovilpatti Koko Mittai

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Wt : 200grm

Indulge in the goodness of Kodo Mittai, the renowned candy from Tamil Nadu, also known as Kovilpatti Coco Mittai or Koko Mittai. Crafted with finely ground peanuts and jaggery, this treat is rich in minerals and protein, offering a delightful and wholesome snack experience. Discover the unique flavor of Kodo Mittai – a fusion of health and taste in every slab.


Discover the famed and wholesome Tamilnadu snack, Kovilpatti Koko Mittai (Manila Burfi). Kovilpatti’s version guarantees quality and authentic taste. Groundnuts and jaggery make it a healthy treat for kids and adults alike.

Crushed nuts shaped into slabs, this natural cocoa-brown delight has no artificial coloring.

Freshly prepared and packed, experience the crunchy goodness of peanuts melded with jaggery. A Kovilpatti specialty, this unique delicacy is a must-try—a healthy, delicious snack for all ages!

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Weight .200 kg


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