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Nattu Sakkarai in english called as Country Sugarcane jaggery

Nattu sarkarai (நாட்டு சர்க்கரை) good for health. Organic naattu sarkkarai in online. tasty nattu sarkarai with good aroma.Quality nattu sarkarai.

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What is Nattu Sakkarai and Why is it a Healthier Alternative to Refined Sugar?

Nattu Sakkarai is an unrefined form of sugar that is made by sugarcane juice. It is also known as unrefined cane sugar or country sugar.

The process of making Nattu Sakkarai involves boiling sugarcane juice in an open pan until it thickens and crystalizes. This process helps to retain the natural nutrients present in sugarcane juice, resulting in a healthier sweetener.

The Health Benefits of Nattu Sakkarai: A Sweet Alternative to Refined Sugar

Nattu sakkarai is a natural sweetener that is made from sugarcane juice. It is unrefined and unbleached, which means it retains all the natural minerals and nutrients that are lost during the refining process of white sugar.

It has a unique caramel-like flavor that adds depth to any dish or beverage it is added to.

Health Benfits

Are you tired of using refined sugar in your diet and looking for a healthier alternative? Look no further than Nattu Sakkarai. This unrefined, natural sweetener has been used in Indian households for centuries and is gaining popularity worldwide for its numerous health benefits.

Nattu Sakkarai is made by evaporating sugarcane juice and is full of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, and potassium.

Unlike refined sugar, it is not stripped of its natural goodness, making it a much healthier alternative. It is also known to have a lower glycemic index, which means it releases energy slowly, keeping you full for longer.

The unique flavor profile of Nattu Sakkarai adds a depth of flavor to your dishes and can be used in everything from tea and coffee to desserts. So, if you’re looking to make a switch to a healthier sweetener, give Nattu Sakkarai a try and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer!


Unrefined and unbleached
Rich in minerals and nutrients
Unique caramel-like flavor
Healthier alternative to white sugar
Perfect for adding sweetness to tea, coffee, or desserts


– A healthier alternative to white sugar
– Helps maintain blood sugar levels
– Boosts immunity due to its high mineral content
– Adds depth of flavor to any dish or beverage it is added to
– Rich in antioxidants and minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium

How to use Nattu Sakkarai in cooking ?

Nattu Sakkarai has a unique flavor profile that adds a depth of flavor to your dishes. It can be used in everything from tea and coffee to desserts. Here are some tips on how to use Nattu Sakkarai

### Tea and coffee
Nattu Sakkarai can be used as a natural sweetener in tea and coffee. Simply add a teaspoon of Nattu Sakkarai to your cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the unique flavor.

### Desserts
Nattu Sakkarai can be used in place of refined sugar in desserts like cakes, cookies, and puddings. It adds a unique flavor to the desserts and makes them healthier.

### Beverages
Nattu Sakkarai can be used to make healthy beverages like smoothies and juices. Simply blend your favorite fruits and vegetables with Nattu Sakkarai and enjoy a healthy and delicious drink.

### Snacks
Nattu Sakkarai can also be used to make healthy snacks like granola bars and energy balls. Mix Nattu Sakkarai with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to make a healthy and delicious snack.

Where to buy Nattu Sakkarai

Thanjai Organics offers Nattu Sakkarai with convenient door-to-door delivery throughout India. It is also available in the USA, ensuring that you can easily access this healthier alternative to refined sugar.

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  • 500 Grams
  • 1 Kg
  • 3Kg


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