Thinai pongal mix | Foxtail Millet Pongal Mix

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Thinai Pongal Mix Ingredients

Thinai Arisi,Moon Dal, Cumin, pepper,curry leaves and Cashew Nut

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Thinai Pongal Mix , or foxtail millet Pongal Mix , is a healthy and quick dish. It’s made from foxtail millet and moong lentils. This Millet Pongal dish is good for all, It has gluten free, and is suitable for all. The Importance is? You can whip it up in under 20 minutes.

Nutrients in Thinai pongal

Foxtail millet rich in nutrients like iron and calcium, also gluten-free, good choice for people with gluten sensitivity.

Thinai Arisi Health Benefits

Thinai pongal is high in fiber and helps promote healthy digestion. This Thinai helps to maintain lower cholesterol levels, leading to better heart health. A great help to any diet regimen, millet is often highly recommended by nutritionists.
Millet has a low glycemic index. That means millet has less chance of raising blood sugar levels. This makes it a choice for diabetics and trying to manage weight

Thinai for weight Management

It helps in weight loss due to its low glycemic index and high fiber content. The fiber in it helps you feel full without hunger for a long time.

How is Foxtail millet called in Different languages?

In Telugu it is known as “Korra” and in Kannada as “Navane”. In Marathi and Gujarati, it is known as “Gang” and in Bengali as “Gang”.Hindi it is known as “Kangini” and in Tamil as “Thinai”

How to Make Thinai Pongal with Thanjai Organics Thinai Pongal Redemix ?

* Take 1 cup of Thinai pongal mix
* Add 4 cups of water
* In pressure cooker allow upto 4 whistle
* Allow to cool down
* Add required salt and Ghee

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