Finger Millet – kelvaragu- Ragi


Finger Millet – kelvaragu- கேழ்வரகு

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Benefits of millets

Millets Rich in nutrients, High in fiber.
Helps to healthy weight loss.
Reduce the risk of High Blood Pressure.
Millets are good for controls Diabetes.
Helps to Prevents from coronary artery disease.
Millets Increases body moisture.
Intake of Millets Stimulates hair growth.
Helps to Reduces Acne.
Millets best source for Reduces sleep deprivation.
Helps to reduce scars from skin.

Finger Millet -Ragi Millet benefits (kelvaragu)

Finger Millet -Ragi contains Calcium, Good Carbohydrates and Vitamin D.
Presents of Amino acids in ragi like Methinone and lysine Helps to prevent
skin from anti ageing.
Many antioxidants presents in Ragi helps to protect body from Infections.
Kelvaragu Boosts Nervous System Function.
Ragi millet Benefits for Helps to easy Digestion.
Benefits of Ragi is Reduces the Blood Sugar level.
Presence of magnesium in kelvaragu helps to improve the level Insulin.
Ragi Benefits like Rich in proteins and helps to prevent from hair loss.
Ragi helps to improve the strong bones and also good for teeth .
Eat food recipes in ragi regularly is good diet for weight loss.
Intake of ragi helps to reduce Hypertension, Anxiety, headache and Depression.

How to Take Ragi- Finger Millet

Ragi Upma,
Ragi Dosa, Ragi Idly,
Kelvaragu Kanju,
Ragi millet kollukattai, Ragi mavu Adai
Kelvaragu (ragi) laddu, Ragi Bread.

Finger Millet – Ragi Available in

Thanjai Organics( A Farmer Shop cultivating Millet’s from their Own Farm) offering Organic Traditional Ragi (Kelvaragu) in Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Thanjai Organics Ragi (Kelvaragu) available in USA (Shipping To -USA, Canada, Australia,Singapore, UAE and Other Countries.)

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