Traditional Poongar Rice


Poongar is very helpful in curing most of the women’s hormonal issues.Poongar rice (Arisi) have more health Benefits for Pregnant Ladies. Organic Traditional Poongar Kaikuthal rice (Arisi) available in Thanjai organics. Thanjai Organics Providing Natural Poongar Kaikuthal Rice (Arisi) in Online

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Poongar Rice Benefits

Why Poongar rice can be called as ‘Rice for women’ ?

Best Poongar Rice eliminates unwanted water from the body. Poongaar Rice is full of the nutrients required for a pregnant woman. Poongar eases pregnancy and increases lactation.
Poongar Rice very helpful in curing most of the women’s hormonal issues.
Poongar Rice Importantly, if the lactating mother eats this rice, the nutrients in it will be available to the baby through breast milk.

Poongar Rice can also be taken as Idli, Dosa , Kanji

Poongar Rice Cultivation Method

Poongar Rice is Cultivated in the Month of July-August. Cultivated Troughout South India.

Thanjai Organics Best Poongar Rice Available in Chennai, Bangalore and All over India.
But Thanjai Organics Poongar Rice available in USA, Canada, Singapore, UK, Canada.
International Shipping Available.

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